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The Cartellata is the most typical and representative dessert of Apulia’s traditional cuisine, which has a curious and fascinating name. The origin of the cartellata is very ancient. Its blurry and ambiguous history embraces different mythical and religious tales, ranging from Greek to Christian popular cults. Nowadays the cartellata is often sought after by the most daring chefs, who want to explore the different natural flavours that only the most genuine tradition can guarantee. This delicacy with a refined shape is characterized by a sober and natural fragrance, as well as a soul made up of simple ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar, white wine and extra virgin olive oil. After a gentle cooking in exclusively vegetable oil, our cartellate are dried and packed in naturally thermo-sealed packages to keep their fragrance intact and guarantee a shelf life of 180 days.


Giuseppe Tarantini is a small business owner who has been working in agriculture for many years. Always bound to the genuine rural world in which he was born and to which he still looks at with nostalgic fondness, he quietly harbours a dream: to exalt the culture of his land through cartellate, one of its more peculiar and expressive flavours. Authenticity, simplicity, quality and tradition are the values accompanying him. This is how this adventure between past and future began. The childhood memories of the women of the house skillfully preparing this ancient delicacy  urged him to set up a little work-shop to make cartellate. Today that dream has come true, giving everyone the chance to try this genuine and outstanding dessert called cartellata.

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Respecting the trust our clients place in us, responsibility and professionalism are the values that distinguish us. That’s why, since we’re aware of the fragility of our product, we guarantee an appropriate packaging to ensure its integrity during transportation.


Our production is subjected to HACCP self-monitoring plans. All ingredients are certified and made in Italy. Our packaging, consisting of bowls and film, is BRC certified.


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